Dune World buried by SRS Cinema after possible legal issue

Dune World / Sand World Art
Dune World / Sand World Art

Recent “mockbuster” Dune World has been “put in the vault” by SRS Cinema. In an email to customers over the weekend SRS said of the Polonia Production film – they don’t know exactly what to do with it for the time being.

On their site – Dune World – a reference to 2021’s remake of Dune, has been renamed to Sand World, although the same original art is displayed.

From SRS’s email:

Not sure if we should be taking about this…

So a certain Hollywood studio feels one of our recent Polonia productions (probably shouldn’t say the title) too closely resembles their upcoming big studio release (ditto). While we CERTAINLY don’t see it or agree, what can we do when faced with the threat of powerful studio execs raining fire and brimstone do on our little indie heads? We must bow to the authority. So this movie is being pulled, in it’s current form at least. We have clearance on a new title for it, but not sure what we will do with it. Maybe just put it in the vault.

Anyway, I’m rambling here… maybe do some weekend shopping at SRS? Speaking of Polonia, I’d suggest making https://srscinemastore.com/collections/polonia-brothers-movies your first stop. Our limited editions are always, as the title implies, limited. They could be gone at any minute…

As always, thanks for the amazing support of indie horror and sci-fi! Stay well!

Dune World in good company

Mockbuster masters The Asylum has faced similar issues in the past over films such as The Day the Earth Stopped, American Battleship and Age of Hobbits.

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